Welcome to Killashops420 Inc. We have a  huge selection of item's in store and also  avail for pre order. Browse our store all questions feel free to write. We try to have all items in Canada and USA shipped and delivered within 2 days  norm but 4 to 5 the most At rare case.

 My wife and I started off with indie game creation as I'm fluent in 5 computer languages. But decided to get into retail and cosmetic and supplies. We started this corporation first as just regular registration and recently decided to incorporate. Something to give the kids one day. Our clothing line is all high quality and keeps well to wear tear and just time. Our cosmetics are all vegan based and none animal tested made in Canada. We also have many wholesale partners that we buy all our products from that is how we get the brand names and sell to you at discounts.  We do try to be cheaper then major retailers we get at there same prices . We have a affiliate programs. Thank you for stopping by and have a Great day!!! :)



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